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Dear Customer,thank you for choosing an original GATTONI product 100%Made in Italy

made with latest generation industrial systems in full compliance with the most restrictive international standards.

Handcraft high quality finishes

The GATTONI Rubinetteria S.p.a. finishings are the resulted of handcrafted production made inside our factory under high care and quality process. Eventually difference of brushed lines, color or shades are not to consider like a defect, but a unique featuring of product.

Cleaning and care instructions

ALL THE FINISHINGS MUST BE daily cleaned or after every use only with water, natural liquid soap and dry after every use with a soft cloth in order to avoid that the limescale placed inside the water irreparably damage the product surfaces.

NEVER USE chemicals and anti-limescale products, alcohol, detergents, abrasives, solvents, acid substances (muriatic, hydrochloric, formic, phosphoric, acetic, etc.), ammoniac, acetone, bleach, household use acids, several disinfectants, pads and/or abrasive, coarse and/or metallic sponges that could damage irreversibly the product surfaces.

AVOID contact with personal care or chemical products, materials for building constructions (cement, adhesives, etc.), lubricants and sealants (glues, silicones, etc.);

AVOID the products installation in non-ventilated rooms with:

  • high fumes of chemical products drying (glues, silicones, etc.),
  • vapors of various kinds,
  • fumes coming from drained siphons,
  • acidic atmosphere,
  • high salinity values in the air.

ATTENTION: Maintenance and cleaning not be made adequately and continuously, use of not recommended cleaning products and not compliance with these rules void the warranty on finishes.

 Finishes maintenance and cleaning

GATTONI products are made with excellent high quality raw materials and with the most advanced technologies available on the market. Thanks to the vertically integrated production, GATTONI has full control of the production process, including the finishing phase, to constantly supply exceptional products.

To best maintain the appearance of GATTONI finishes, follow the simple cleaning instructions below.

General cleaning

To clean GATTONI products, simply gently wipe on the surfaces with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents and abrasive sponges, acids, solvents or bleach to clean any of GATTONI products.

Galvanic surfaces cleaning

Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel etc, etc, …

The galvanic finishes are obtained through an electro-deposition process: an industrial process that uses electricity to coat the metal (nickel, chrome and other metals) with a brass base. The resulting coatings are durable and very easy to maintain.

To clean these surfaces, simply follow the general cleaning instructions.

Surface with powder coating cleaning

Matt white, Matt Black and various.

Powder coated finishes are obtained by a dry process, called electrostatic spray deposition, in which the fine powder is applied with a gun on the metal base and then dried at high temperatures in appropriate forms.

Powder coating products are resistant to moisture and ultraviolet light and have a long service life. In addition to giving a pleasant texture, powder coating reduces the risk of scratches, abrasions, chipping, corrosion and other signs of wear. Vintage brushed brass is a liquid epoxy coating with properties similar to powder finishes.

To clean these surfaces, simply follow the general cleaning instructions.

Dirt and stains from soap or toothpaste deposits should be removed by washing the surfaces only with water and neutral Ph detergents, with the help of a soft, non-abrasive cloth. The limestone deposits can be dissolved with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, rinsed with clean water and dried with a soft cloth. Do not immerse the product in the solution: since vinegar is a mild acid, prolonged contact with the finished surfaces may damage the final coating.

Never use rough cloths or abrasive detergents, acids, solvents or bleach. Lacquered parts must not be cleaned with chemicals containing alcohol, disinfectants or solvents.

24 Kt gold surface cleaning

The golden finishes of GATTONI Rubinetteria are created with 24 Kt gold plating, on a surface of nickel-plated brass. The result is an extremely valuable surface with a very rich color. 24 Kt gold is valuable and quite soft, so it requires special care and attention.

To keep the tap clean and avoid mineral deposits, it is sufficient to dry the surfaces with a dry and soft, non-abrasive cloth, at the end of each use. To remove stains or dirt, apply a solution of water and neutral soap for the house, rinse and dry. Do not use abrasive sponges or chemical detergents on these surfaces and reduce rubbing to the minimum necessary.

Organic finishes cleaning

The non-organic finishes are unprotected and destined to change over time, allowing each item to evolve and develop a unique warmth and character. Organic finishes are unique and require special care and attention:

  • dry after each use,
  • regularly apply wax on the product.

To clean it is enough to gently wipe on the surfaces with a damp cloth and wipe them with a soft cloth.

Never use rough cloths or abrasive detergents, acids, solvents or bleach. 

The finishes Natural Brass and Brushed Natural Brass are unprotected raw brass, left without painting to allow a gradual, irreversible change towards the typical appearance of natural brass. These finishes oxidize and vary in color depending on the use and surrounding environment. Over time the brass surfaces develop a characteristic irregular patina: the areas that are regularly touched tend to clear while the parts used less frequently gradually become darker. Water drops stain the natural patina of the brass; to avoid this, do not let the water dry on the tap surfaces.

To clean Natural Brass and Brushed Natural Brass, from time to time, to protect and restore shine to the faucet, apply a wax suitable for brass surfaces with a soft cloth.

Greater care of the product ensures the finish maintains its original appearance longer

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